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ราคาตามหน้า ebay ณ วันที่ 30/5/2011
German tuner Rieger has unveiled a stunning new bodykit for Volkswagen’s sporty Scirocco coupe, a car that is proving immensely popular with tuners from Europe. The bodykit adds some more aggression and flair to the already handsome Scirocco, and even includes Lamborghini-style doors for dramatic entrances.
The front of the car bears some obvious visual clues to the Audi R8 supercar, with the front air intakes adorned with similar strakes to the German supercar. Each part of the bodykit is sold separately, and prices for each individual component vary between 119 and 620.
Rieger will be offering a choice of two custom rear bumpers with air inlet apertures for 499, a grille for the rear bumper spoiler, two types of side skirts and a twin-exhaust rear end. There will also be some ‘carbon-look’ variants of the aforementioned items, as well as an upgraded stainless steel muffler available.
A number of sets of custom rims, along with the Lamborghini-style doors, complete the modifications, and Rieger will be offering the parts from March 2009 onwards.

source: motorauthority.com

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